issue 2011

Andrea Moorhead, Mg Roberts, Anne Gorrick,
Chad Scheel, Howie Good,
John C. Goodman,
John M. Bennett, Sheila E. Murphy,
Guy R. Beining, Steve Brightman,
Adam J. Cooper,
Felino A. Sorriano, Brandon Freels,
Trina Gaynon,
Jennifer McBroom, satnrose,
Damon Falke, Kai Laursen, Andy Roberts,
John Sandoval, Jean Esteve, Ruth Berman,
J.T. Whitehead, Sally Molini,
David James,
John Marvin, Raymond Farr, Dorothee Lang

from minimalist to avant-garde---open to innovative, imagistic, philosophical, experimental creations---
poetry drawings collage photography

reads year round
guidelines do not exist
contributors receive one copy

marcia arrieta

indefinitespace AT yahoo DOT com

po box 40101
pasadena, ca 91114

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